Student Athlete and Parent Conduct

Athlete Responsibilities

Student athletes represent themselves and their schools. When wearing a school uniform on or off of school grounds, it is important that student athletes understand that they represent themselves and well as their families, teams, coaches, school, and community. By honoring these student athlete responsibilities, you can take the necessary steps to represent with pride.

Student Athletes and social media

As you begin participation in another athletic season, the Athletic Department of Collingswood Middle and High Schools wants to make sure you are aware of the revised social networking guidelines.  The Collingswood Public Schools and the Athletic Department recognize and support the student-athletes’ rights to freedom of speech, expression, and association, including the use of social networks. In this context, however, each student-athlete must remember that playing and competing for The Collingswood Public Schools is a privilege. As a student-athlete, you represent the Collingswood Public Schools and the communities of Collingswood, Oaklyn, and Woodlynne and you are expected to portray yourself, your team, and the School District in a positive manner at all times, as outlined in the attached Social Media Guidelines for Student Athletes.

Parent / Coach communications guide

Making the most of the Collingswood Middle and High School Athletic program involves mutual respect between a parent and a coach. Please refer to the attached guidelines that outline the roles of the coach and the parent in any organized athletic activity. The guidelines also include the steps that should be followed when wishing to discuss a concern with a coach.