Strategic Planning Process

What is Strategic Planning?

Strategic planning is the means by which an organization continually recreates itself for extraordinary purposes. Implicit in this definition is the concentration of all efforts, resources, activities, and energies toward defined goals. Planning is based on the organization’s vision of a preferred future.
What steps have we taken?

The Collingswood Public School District embarked upon a strategic planning process in 2004 and again in 2008. Following the development of a vision statement and belief statements, the Planning Committee and Action Team members developed twelve strategies with associated objectives for reaching our goals. District staff have focused on those strategies during each of the last several years.
Why revisit the Strategic Plan?
Changes in the district are numerous. From personnel to state academic and financial requirements, the “rules” under which we operate change annually. As academic expectations grow, funding shrinks, and we begin to focus on preparing our students for their lives as twenty-first century citizens, we believe it is time to refocus our efforts by revisiting our Strategic Plan.
What is our philosophy in planning?
Following our “begin with the end in mind” philosophy, we believe it is important to revisit our district mission and belief statements to determine if they provide sufficient focus for developing our future. We would also like to begin the process of developing a vision for our graduates. What skills and knowledge do we want every Collingswood graduate to attain? Once we determine where we want to go (“the end”), we can develop plans and strategies to get to our preferred future.